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Listen to how DiversityRx’s website, listservs, peer learning groups and educational events have helped others with their work in serving cultural diverse patients:

"First, it has been comforting and encouraging to know that a reputable and professional organization is committed to providing accurate and scholarly information about decreasing racial disparities in health. I'm a physician and it is important that I receive accurate information from reliable sources.  One example:  receiving information about medical translation and interpreting (the difference between the two, associations for locating, etc.).  Second, the webinars have provided valuable information. They have also brought issues to my attention that I had not previously considered (ex. possible issues surrounding genetic counseling.)"

Hospital staff"The discussion on the CLAS-talk listserv is a regular source of thought-provoking discussion and useful information, which has definitely helped me to think about potential programs or initiatives that could be implemented in my organization.  For example, I was particularly interested in the discussion a few months back about a 'Language Champions program' in which a team of health care providers and staff at a hospital regularly meet and work together to increase and improve use of interpreter services for patients with limited English proficiency.  This started me thinking about how a similar group could be convened in my organization, and I have been in touch with our Multilingual Services department to explore this possibility.  Participation in a Community of Practice has been helpful in terms of learning the latest state of the field from experts, as well as the sharing of resources between organizations grappling with the same issues."

"Diversity Rx is the most beneficial website!  It allows me to assess and incorporate for my organization standards, services, policies, etc. to be in compliance.  I am from a more isolated state (ND) yet we serve  New Americans.  It keeps me informed of options, resources and current trends to offer the best services.  On another note, it is just inspiring to hear from others across the US and world.  It is making all of us be on the same page and strive as far as possible in this work -- the passion and creativity is contagious."

"A world of resources for a variety of health care settings! Because of the listserv, we have interpreter certification information and other valuable information; because of the Community of Practice, we have information on how others are addressing cultural competency training at their facilities and more info about the Deaf culture than we realized; and the webinars were used by our HealthCare Disparities Council for educational growth. The DiversityRx conference opened doors to best practices and where the disparities efforts need to be addressed. ALL VERY HELPFUL RESOURCES!"

"Diversity Rx is a vital resource for my federal agency.  We do considerable referrals to your site and related resources in the presentations that we make to healthcare providers."

Happy patient

"My participation in DiversityRx has provided a national perspective and a form of comparative analysis with regard to what is happening elsewhere.  There have been many new resources and best practices that I have been exposed to as a result of my/our organization's participation."

"I am a consumer health outreach librarian for the National Networks of Libraries of Medicine - we work with health professionals and libraries around many issues related to health information.  The Your Voice webinar series, particularly the Health Literacy and Culturally Responsive Organizations topics, provided excellent information and materials that I have utilized for my own training materials and as examples for other organizations struggling with these issues."

"There are limited opportunities to develop mentoring relationships for those of us that do cultural competency education. The Diversity RX programs are one of the few opportunities to network nationally, internationally and build a mentoring network."

"The webinars have provided a great overview of culture and language needs and have also helped me to prepare for our Joint Commission survey."

"The webinar 'Best Practices for Working with Health Care Translation Providers' was extremely informative and helpful. It confirmed some of the issues that our organization was having with our translation vendor.  I took the information back to my company's translation committee which lead to our rethinking of our translation process and the hiring of a translation project manager."

"The Diversity Rx Conference in 2008 in Minneapolis remains the best I've attended.  I still access the binder and ideas from those sessions, and have shared them with partnering agencies.  Likewise several webinars have been helpful."

Mother and baby"I have gotten good ideas from the CLAS-Talk listserv that I have used or will adapt and use to help resolve conflict/confusion in patient and employee interactions with the growing number of LEP communities in our area. An example of some of the good stuff I got from the community of practice was an integrated approach used to train residents at a teaching facility in importance of cultural responsiveness, plain language, patient/provider relationship that I have passed on to one of our own med school professors who is trying to figure out how to do the same sort of work. I have passed on many of the websites and resources people share on the CLAS-talk listserv to our medical school and residency programs as they work to provide more training in these areas.  I have adapted many of those to do my own training of interpreters and other staff and to as well as to make the case for the reasons behind the work.  Living in a part of the country where the importance of work aimed at serving diverse populations better is not embraced by a majority, I have gained a great deal of emotional support, affirmation and encouragement for my work."

"It was beneficial to network with others in the field to learn their concerns and solutions.  The sharing itself is a 'best practice'."

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