CLAS-talk listserv

Our lively 2100+ member CLAS-talk email discussion group is an easy way to keep up with cultural competence in health care and to stay connected to other professionals in the field.

Participants use CLAS-talk to:

  • Share information about new approaches, programs, publications, initiatives, events, and policies related to cultural competence
  • Seek and offer advice on implementing the National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) in health care
  • Find support for meeting and overcoming challenges related to designing, funding, and improving cultural competence programs
  • Debate emerging practices, policies, and trends to stimulate new directions in policymaking and service implementation;
  • Explore how to document the clinical and financial benefits of culturally responsive care through evaluation and outcomes-based research.
  • Promote networking among policymakers, funders, provider organizations, and community advocates to improve culturally competent services to diverse populations.

CLAS-talk is open to anyone with an interest in these issues. Each member of the listserv will receive copies of all messages sent to the list as individual emails or in digest form. To respond, you simply have to reply to the listserv, and all members will receive your message automatically.

Please read and agree to abide by our CLAStalk participant guidelines before signing up. To sign up, please visit the CLAS-talk listserv page

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