Ignatius Bau blogs from DiversityRx 2010

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  • For the first time, we asked conference attendees to submit blog postings about their experience. Our first correspondent was Ignatius Bau, who was also the first recipient of the DiversityRx 2010 National Champion for Health Equity and Quality award.

    We're happy to share his conference reports with you, courtesy of his own blog at www.ignatiusbau.com --

    On the preconference workshop sessions he attended

    On the opening plenary session, the patient/physician experience panel, and the plenary presentation on health IT.

    And finally, the presentation Ignatius identifies as one of the most important -- Janet Corrigan of the National Quality Forum on integrating cultural competence and health disparities into the national quality agenda. As he pointed out:

    "While this conference series is often known as “the national cultural competency conference”, it has always been titled as a national conference on quality health care. Accordingly, for the leader of the leading quality organization in the U.S. to come to the conference and describe the work that NQF has already done – and plans to do in the future – on issues of cultural competency and disparities reduction will help move the vital work of all the conference presenters and participants from the margins of health care into the center of the national health care quality agenda."

    This last blog posting contains links to NQFs important work on 45 preferred practices for culturally competent organizations.

    Thanks, Ignatius, for your reflections on the conference.


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