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DiversityRx is please to announce the The Eighth National Conference on Quality Health Care for Culturally Diverse Populations: Achieving Equity in an Era of Innovation and Health System Transformation March 11-14, 2013, Oakland, California.

The full agenda and draft webprogram for the 2013 conference, including session titles, presenters, and presentation abstracts, is now available online.

Part of a biennial series initiated in 1998, each conference provides a national forum on a broad spectrum of issues related to cultural/linguistic competence and the reduction of health disparities. Without parallel in scope and popularity, the conference offers: a highly interactive format that promotes learning, discussion and debate among experts and participants from multiple disciplines and varied skill levels; sessions ranging from intensive skills-building workshops to keynote addresses by nationally recognized leaders; and a diverse and committed base of financial and advisory support.

The overall goal of the conference is to improve access to and quality of health care for culturally diverse children, families, and communities to reduce health disparities and enhance well-being for these populations. The conference educates and trains physicians, nurses, and other health care providers about the needs of diverse populations and the importance of providing culturally competent health care, focusing on prevention and promoting healthy behaviors, while also facilitating the dialogue and debate necessary to address these issues at state, national, and international policy levels. The conference series has demonstrated its ability to not only educate and inform, but to impact policy and standards for the health care field, through participation of key organizations as presenters and advisory group members. Over the past seven conferences, 4,200 attendees from the US and abroad have participated in more than 350 conference sessions delivered by over 1,300 speakers.

The Seventh National Conference, held October 2010 in Baltimore, was well-attended and well-received, with more attendees than any of the previous conferences. Comments from participant evaluation forms included the following comments about the most valuable aspects of the conference:
• The variety of learning opportunities and networking supports!
• The overarching theme of the conference.
• Updates on major new initiatives.
• Learning about what others are working on.
• Interacting with others who have similar interests
• Real experiences from the field.
• The variety of participants: policy makers, health providers, payers, educators, researchers, etc.
• Diversity of topics and panelists, quality of presenting.
• Getting the presentations before the conference. It gave me lots of insight before the conference.

Learn more about the conference series and access abstracts and presentations from the 2010 conference.

View more about the conference series background and history.

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