Culturally Responsive Organizations Webinar

May 24, 2010
Webinar 8
Creating and sustaining a culturally responsive health care organization: Reflections and recommendations from the field

Many health care organizations are trying to create an environment that naturally fosters cultural sensitivity and responsiveness. How do health care organizations bring cultural responsiveness to the level of ‘normal’ within the organization? What are some innovative ways to establish cultural responsiveness in an organization and support it?

This webinar features representatives from four health care organizations around the country who will share approaches that have been used in their organizations to create this environment. They will discuss the successes and challenges associated with the strategies they’ve used, talk about practical advice for replication, and engage with each other and the audience to identify other practices, resources, references and ideas that can be used to create an organizational that naturally supports cultural responsiveness.

This is the eighth webinar in the DiversityRx Your Voice Webinar Series, funded by The California Endowment. The project also features Communities of Practice, Peer Learning Networks, and an online professional education and support network.

Links the panelists recommended

Physicians’ Toolkit to Implement Cross-Cultural Clinical Practice Guidelines for Medicaid Practitioners (PDF)

American Medical Association Minority Affairs Consortium - Policy Compendium (PDF)

Transcultural Nursing Society


Ethical Force Program: Organizational Communication Climate Assessment Tool


Diana M. Carr Manager, Cultural and Linguistic Services, Health Net of California
Diana Carr is a Medical Anthropologist and Manager of the Cultural and Linguistic Services Department at Health Net of California.  As a medical anthropologist, her area of specialization is the dissemination of non-western health care information in non-literate societies and ethnopharmacology.  Diana is fortunate to work for a national health plan to apply her anthropological understanding of health care to address cultural competency, health care disparities and health literacy for both staff and contracted physicians. 

Mary Mixon, Assistant Administrator, Hospital Administration, University Hospital and Health System
Mary Mixon holds a Masters of Science in Nursing from The University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, MS. She has been employed at The University Hospitals and Health System for 31 years and her areas of practice have been in Mental Health and Administration. She is the President of The Mississippi Hospital Association Behavior Health Society, President-Elect of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association, MS Chapter, a member of Sigma Theta Tau National Nursing Honor Society, and of the American Nurses Association. Mary is currently leading the Health Care Disparities Council and co-chair of the Ethics Advisory Committee at The University Hospitals and Health System. She is an Assistant Hospital Administrator responsible for the UHHS Office of Patient Affairs, Volunteer Services and the Interpreter Services.

M. Grace Vega, Language Services Coordinator, University of Missouri Health Care
After completing degrees in Spanish/Business Administration back in the day (not saying how far back) Grace Vega has enjoyed a varied career path that has taken her from the world of the US entertainment industry to that of Latin American community development NGO’s and back to the worlds of U.S. migrant education and health care.  For the last several years she has been immersed in the arenas of appropriate language access provision and immigrant issues, most often as either a Spanish/English interpreter-translator or coordinator of language services.  Grace is grateful to the patient teachers of diverse backgrounds who have contributed to her ongoing training in cultural responsiveness and who have helped make it possible for her to continue working in the “hardest job she’s ever loved”!

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