Ethical Force Program®

The American Medical Association's Ethical Force Program® has embraced the challenge of developing health care system-wide performance measures for ethics.Featuring representatives from groups including patients, practitioners, health plans, purchasers, government and accrediting organizations, this program seeks to develop meaningful solutions that can arise only when a diverse and collaborative group of relevant stakeholders work together.As health care is ultimately a moral enterprise, the AMA's Ethical Force Program is proud to lead the way in creating, testing and disseminating performance measures for domains of ethics in health care.To this end, the Ethical Force Program has created a toolkit to assess your health care organization’s communication environment ability to provide significant improvement in patient care.  We highly recommend that interested parties contact one of our trained consultants, who have received special training on implementing and scoring the tools, who have access to national benchmark performance data, and who can help organizations develop tailored performance improvement plans.Topics or areas the program has addressed and produced resources for include privacy and confidentiality, patient-centered communication, making fair coverage decisions, and ethics and access to care.  Be sure to look at our validated organizational assessment tools for patient-centered communication, which organizations nationwide are now using to make their quality improvement programs more efficient and effective.


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