viaLanguage delivers healthcare translation and localization counsel and services to clients in all areas of the healthcare industry.  Our multilingual solutions are tailored to our clients’ specific cultural and linguistic goals and needs, incorporating language translation, website/digital localization, cultural adaptation, transcreation, culturally adapted eLearning, and legal translation with attorney review management, among other services. viaLanguage works with more than 125 languages—including a variety of lesser known refugee languages—and has to date translated more than 10 million words in Spanish alone. We also bring experience in all media, from websites to desktop publishing, strategically leveraging technology to help our clients centralize translation and achieve savings. We are especially proud of our successes in healthcare and language access, partnering with more than 400 healthcare organizations across the U.S., including health plans (both government funded and for-profit) and hospitals of various sizes. Our more than 1,000 healthcare translators help ensure equal healthcare access for our clients’ growing number of limited English proficient (LEP) patients.viaLanguage hosts regular industry-specific webinars as well as offering a multitude of healthcare translation resources and cultural guides. For more information visit or call 1-800-737-8481. 

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