AHRQ Health Care Innovations Exchange

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
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The Innovations Exchange aims to increase awareness of innovative strategies and activities among health care providers in a timely manner. With respect to linguistic and cultural competence, it is possible to search for information by patient population group, cultural competence, LEP status, and other related filters.  The Innovations Exchange has the following components:

  • Searchable innovations Profiles of successful and attempted innovations describe the innovative activity, its impact, how the innovator developed and implemented it, and other useful information for deciding whether to adopt the innovation.
  • Searchable Quality Tools Practical tools can help you assess, measure, promote and improve the quality of health care.
  • Learning Opportunities Many resources describe the process of innovation and adoption and ways to enhance your organization's receptivity to innovative approaches to care. Resources include expert commentaries, articles, perspectives, and adoption guides.
  • Networking Opportunities You can interact with innovators and organizations that have adopted innovations to learn new approaches to delivering care and developing effective strategies, and share information. Posting comments on specific innovations is one way to connect with innovators. Types of comments include asking questions or responding to questions about how an innovation works, and mentioning additional resources and lessons learned from adopting, implementing, and sustaining an innovation.


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