Critical Disparities in Latino Mental Health: Transforming Research into Action

National Council of La Raza (NCLR)
Rios-Ellis, Britt
Published Date: 

The National Council of La Raza in collaboration with California State University Long Beach, published this white paper detailing the findings of a summit held to convene leading researchers, academics, providers and community members to better inform Latino mental health issues. Six key areas were emphasized through research and work groups: depression, immigration and acculturation, chemical use and dependency, domestic violence, suicide, and mental health and co-morbidity issues. The white paper informs these specific areas, while providing policy and outreach recommendations to improve the mental health profile of underserved Latino populations. These include: the integration of mental health into overall health care services, the removal of linguistic and literacy level related barriers to care, collaboration with community based organizations, the creation of mental health peer educators, improving providers' cultural sensitivity, increasing Latino specific services, and bettering the Latino specific training of both providers and first responders.


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