Multicultural Organizational Development in Nonprofit Organizations

CompassPoint Nonprofit Services, Mayeno Consulting
Mayeno, Laurin
Lew, Steve
Published Date: 

What does it take to integrate cultural competence into the day-to-day operations of a community-based nonprofit organization? Once the work is started, how do you move it to the next level and sustain an ongoing process? The Cultural Competence Learning Initiative (CCLI) was initiated by CompassPoint Nonprofit Services [] to contribute to learning and practice around these questions. Through this project, funded by The California Endowment, eleven community-based nonprofit organizations involved in improving community health outcomes received multicultural organizational development support from a CompassPoint consultant team.

This document is geared towards individual organizations, funders, or practitioners of cultural competence and multicultural organizational development. It shares lessons from the project to inform work in the field and provides practical examples of how participating organizations addressed different areas of cultural competence. Several tools and templates created as a part of this initiative can be accessed through hyperlinks provided in this document.


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