Ocean of Pearls

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This film, the first film directed by a Sikh with a Sikh character as the lead role, was shown at the 2010 DiversityRx Conference. It's tagline: "It is in the collision between the old ways and the new that we find out who we are" captures what the film is about, how to assimilate and maintain one's culture of origin.

Dr. Amrit Singh, a young Sikh surgeon from Canada was born into a family dedicated to their religious beliefs and lifelong traditions. His promising medical career brings Amrit to Detroit to begin work at a state-of-the-art organ transplant and research facility. There he sees his dream of becoming Chief of Surgery dwindle due to his values and appearance. Amrit makes a series of personal compromises to adapt to the status quo. When faced with choices of what is right by his conscience, Amrit chooses dangerously. Straddling the conflicting positions of tradition and opportunity, Amrit finds himself and his faith and begins to understand more deeply what it is to be successful.


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