Psychometric Evaluation of the Cultural Competence Assessment Instrument among Health Care Providers

Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University
Doorenbos, Ardith Z.
Schim, Stephanie Myers
Benkert, Ramona
Borse, Nagesh N.
Published Date: 

In response to deficits in the measurement of cultural competence of providers and limitations of cultural competence assessments, such as their testing of group-specific knowledge, and the fact that many are designed for only one health care discipline, this research paper examines a specific assessment tool, the Cultural Competence Assessment (CCA) - an assessment tool designed for use in hospice settings. The authors tested the reliability of the CCA (i.e., whether or not the CCA consistently measured the cultural competency of the providers) in both hospice and non-hospice settings. Their findings confirmed the potential of the CCA as an instrument for measuring provider cultural competence and its usefulness to future research studies and intervention approaches. The authors, therefore, recommend the use of the CCA to assess if a cultural competence intervention did what it was designed to do.


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