Second Language and Cultural Competency Training for Continuing Medical Education Credit

California Endowment
Pond, Anna-Nanine S.
Published Date: 

The purpose of this environmental scan is to help The California Endowment and the Medical Board of California to see where potential opportunities lie to improve patient health access, quality and outcomes through physician second language proficiency and cultural competency Continuing Medical Education (CME), as mandated by the Cultural and Linguistic Competency of Physicians Act of 2003 (AB 801) and AB 1195 of 2005. The publication identifies existing CME-based second language and cultural competency training opportunities for physicians; explores policy-related developments that could inform the implementation of AB 801 by the Medical Board of California; uncovers challenges and opportunities within the development of education programs; and presents recommendations for operationalizing the AB 801 and AB 1195 mandates.


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