Toolkit for Modifying Evidence-Based Practices to Increase Cultural Competence

Nathan Kline Center of Excellence in Culturally Competent Mental Health
Samuels, Judith
Schudrich, Wendy
Altschul, Deborah
Published Date: 

The purpose of this Toolkit is to provide mental health services organizations a structured method for modifying Evidence-Based Practices (EBPs) to better meet the needs of the cultural groups they serve. It is targeted to assist organizations facing one or more of three service-delivery challenges: 1) EPBs have not been developed for specific cultural groups; 2) EPBs have been developed, but not tested for effectiveness for specific cultural groups; 3) EBPs have been developed and tested for cultural groups, but materials such as training manuals do not reflect the breadth of cultures served. The toolkit provides an overview of EBPs and how to select them, how to work with communities in the modification and implementation of EBPs, how to select EBPs, how to modify EBPs, implementation issues, and then a selection of case studies. The toolkit includes a checklist and workbook to assist users in implementing the methodology set out in the Toolkit, a glossary, scales, and assessment tools.


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