U-Health: Better Data, Better Decisions, Better Outcomes

Association of American Medical Colleges
Marc Nivet
Published Date: 

This partnership is the first-ever coalition of university presidents and the AAMC focusing jointly on driving health equity by transforming their institutions’ efforts to shape the health workforce. Together, our organizations plan to create a learning and data collaborative that will inform national policy and practice, and apply lessons learned to a broader constituency of higher-education institutions.

The collaborative will seek to identify strategies that create a diverse, well-prepared workforce capable of improving urban health and meeting demands for new delivery systems that ensure quality care for all. To do this, participating institutions will work to improve data on health workforce needs, build institutional capacity, and identify metrics for workforce goals that impact urban health equity. We will then be able to take lessons learned from the demonstration, expand upon them, and apply them to a broader constituency of higher education institutions.

From the New Release by Marc Nivet


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