Understanding Health Literacy and its Barriers: Current Bibliographies in Medicine

National Library of Medicine (NLM)
Zorn, Marcia
Allen, Marin P.
Horowitz, Alice M.
Published Date: 

This bibliography includes 651 citations from 1998-2003 of resources from various disciplines that relate to addressing the national issue of low health literacy. The resources selected examine some of the barriers that may need to be addressed when designing such health literacy strategies. Selections are from health education, communication, risk, compliance, informed consent, professional-patient interaction, cultural competence, and health disparities research. Selections are also included from literature on reading, numeracy, contextualization, visual and auditory comprehension, accessibility, translation and interpreter use, the navigation of medical systems by individuals with cultural differences or literacy challenges, materials development or materials evaluation for various cultural groups or those with varying health literacy challenges, and mental health literacy.


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