Culturally Competent Care

Culturally Competent Care: Addressing cultural issues that arise in the delivery of individual and community-based health services.

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  • Care Management

    Coordinating services that addresses cultural and linguistic issues on behalf of a person within a health care institution or among several institutions. Includes medical home models.

  • Clinical Interactions

    Addressing cultural and linguistic issues in the context of clinical interactions; patient-provider communication.

  • Community Education

    Health promotion, disease prevention, and community health worker programs for community outreach to culturally diverse populations.

  • Mental Health/Substance Abuse

    Issues and strategies related to behavioral health for diverse populations.

  • Patient Education and Support

    Patient and family education, cultural support, and patient navigation within a health care institution that addresses cultural and linguistic issues.

  • Patient Safety

    Cultural and linguistic issues relating to the reduction and prevention of inadvertent harm to patients as a result of their care.

Vote for Multicultural Health -- April 10-13, 2012

Blog entry

Help put multicultural health on the list of the 20 great challenges facing health care!


Health Matters in San Francisco


This project is designed to provide a clear and dynamic path forward in promoting the health priorities of San Francisco.  The Community Benefit Partnership has taken steps to:


The Edible Schoolyard Project


This 31 minute documentary film follows the story of how renowned chef Alice Waters' Berkeley "Edible Schoolyard" program - centered around the caring for children - is replicated and contributes to the rebirth of the New Orleans uptown poor black Green Charter School after its devastation from Hurricane Katrina floodwaters.


Call to Action for Healthcare Professionals to Advance Health Equity for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community


Care should be caring. Patients should feel confident when entering the healthcare system — be
it a hospital, clinic or other setting — that they will be treated with dignity and respect, with full access
to the care they need. Despite our best intentions, however, this doesn’t always happen.


Cambodian Foods that Affect Blood Sugar: A Guide for Cambodian Patients


This presentation is intended to be used by clinicians during discussion with patients about carbohydrates and blood glucose. It is culturally tailored to reflect foods commonly consumed by Cambodian Americans, and intended for patients to learn how these foods raise, lower or have little effect on a person’s blood sugar.


Guidance for Integrating Culturally Diverse Communities into Planning for and Responding to Emergencies: A Toolkit


Developed from the recommendations of the National Consensus Panel on Emergency Preparedness and Cultural Diversity, and with support from the U.S.

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