Policy: Laws, regulations, guidance, standards, accreditation requirements, and advocacy strategies related to cultural and linguistic competence. Includes analysis, reviews, and descriptions.

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  • Accreditation Requirements

    Requirements for obtaining official accreditation or certification from accrediting organizations and maintaining compliance as it pertains to cultural and linguistic competence.

  • Advocacy

    Promoting policies and practices that meet cultural and linguistic competence needs and reduce health care disparities.

  • Local

    Local laws, regulations, guidance, and policy tools.

  • National

    Federal laws, regulations, guidance, and policy tools.

  • Standards

    Standards and other binding and non-binding guidelines.

  • State

    State laws, regulations, guidance, and policy tools.

Mesothelioma Center

Organizational Profile

The Mesothelioma Center provides updated information abuot mesothelioma, a cancer that affects lung, abdominal cavity and heart. In addition, we provide free help for veterans to claim the benefits for asbestos exposure.


We need your input -- pilot test global standards for culturally competent care!

Blog entry

We are looking for health care organizations that can pilot test a tool to improve the accessibility, utilization and quality of health care for migrants and ethnic minorities.


Final Data Collection Standards for Race, Ethnicity, Primary Language, Sex, and Disability Status Required by Section 4302 of the Affordable Care Act


The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on Oct. 31, 2011, published the final standards for data collection on race, ethnicity, sex, primary language and disability status, as required by Section 4302 of the Affordable Care Act (pdf).


National Standards for Healthcare Interpreter Training Programs


This document presents standards for the formal preparation of bilingual or multilingual individuals who wish to enter the healthcare interpreting profession.


Healthy Families Brooklyn

Organizational Profile

Healthy Families educates people about health and wellness and provides funding and training to improve links to health care services.


The New Joint Commission Standards for Patient-Centered Communication: Hospitals Remain Unprepared As The Joint Commission Standards Go Into Effect


This white paper outlines the Joint Commission standards that have been implemented in 2011 as a part of a pilot project.  These standards will require healthcare organizations to provide all patients, regardless of language, patient-centered communication. Beginning no earlier than January 2012 organizations that fail to comply may risk jeopardizing their accreditation.

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