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USC Edward R. Roybal Institute on Aging

Organizational Profile

The USC Edward R. Roybal Institute on Aging is dedicated to translational research and training that sustains the health, mental health and general well-being of older persons, particularly those from low-income and multiethnic backgrounds. The Roybal Institute fulfills its vital mission by focusing on the following:


Resources in Cultural Competence Education for Health Care Professionals


This resource bibliography was compiled as part of the research and environmental scan completed for the project, “Setting Standards for the Cultural Competence Education of Healthcare Professionals,” funded by The California Endowment.


Language Barriers in Health Care Settings: An Annotated Bibliography of the Research Literature


The goal of this annotated bibliography produced by The California Endowment is to provide a comprehensive review of the research literature on the prevalence, role and effects of language barriers in health care. The bibliography is intended to provide an empirical basis for future discussions about the need for and impact of language access services in the provision of health care.

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