Your Voice Initiative

Building community and advancing the field

of cross cultural health care

The real power in this field comes from the natural instinct of people to connect and to share:  their stories, favorite tools, challenges and successes. With funding from The California Endowment, DiversityRx launched the Your Voice initiative in 2009 to help people network, collaborate, offer support, and learn from each other using Web 2.0 and virtual learning tools.


  • Our monthly webinar series was highly successful – we offered nine 60-75 minute webinars in the first season, reaching over 6400 participants. Learn about upcoming webinars in our next season, and access the audio/visual recordings and resources from the first season.

  • Communities of Practice offered five small groups of professional colleagues the opportunity to ‘meet’ monthly online to discuss common practice challenges and share information about strategies and resources. They were supported by a listserv for ongoing dialogue between meetings and a wiki where the information base developed over the course of the project is being documented for use by others. There are also three Peer Learning Networks that interact through a listserv on specific themes.

  • We have updated and relaunched the DiversityRx website to host an extensive resource database and facilitate peer interaction and support through discussion groups, comments on blogs and resources, submission of materials through the resource database, and networking through organizational and individual profiles.

  • DiversityRx is also active on Facebook and LinkedIn Groups, extending our reach beyond our traditional audiences. We’re also fortunate to have dissemination partnerships that give us access to mailing lists of over 30,000 people.


The reaction to our Your Voice activities has been overwhelmingly positive. We’ve had beyond-capacity interest in many of the webinars (participation rates ranged from 350 to 1600 attendees) and participants have recommended over 250 topics for future webinars. The Communities of Practice have provided an opportunity to share best practices, collaboratively address practice challenges, and build supportive communities that offer many opportunities for encouragement and growth.

See what they have to say

“[The “Your Voice” activities] have provided me with solutions to real issues around language access, cultural competency/responsiveness within my organization…. I have passed on many of the websites and resources people share on the CLAS-talk listserv to our medical school and residency programs as they work to provide more training in these areas. I have adapted many of those to do my own training of interpreters and other staff and to as well as to make the case for the reasons behind the work. Living in a part of the country where the importance of work aimed at serving diverse populations better is not embraced by a majority, I have gained a great deal of emotional support, affirmation and encouragement for my work.”

“…when I hung up the phone after the first meeting of the Community of Practice I felt like a desert wanderer who had just gotten a life-preserving drink from a hidden spring, as I was reminded that there are people out beyond my current reality who not only "get" what I do but recognize its value!”

“The webinars have given me very specific and detailed information that I share with colleagues and direct service providers in Minnesota. As an educator in multicultural health and public health, the webinars have provided critical national resources. DiversityRx has connected the dots between professionals providing direct multicultural care - and needed resources and information.”

Read the Your Voice project summary (PDF) for more details.

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