Networking on Social Media at the Eighth National Conference

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  • This year for the first time we will be supporting a social media backchannel at the National Conference on Quality Health Care for Culturally Diverse Populations! We'd love to have everyone's participation, to join the dialogue start here:

    The Eight National Conference on Quality Health Care for Culturally Diverse Populations is a wonderful place to learn about strategies, tools, and resources that you can implement as well as to network and meet new colleagues. Participating on social media is a wonderful way to both learn more while at the conference, and network with new people. Here are a few things that we'd like to encourage you to do on social media while at the National Conference:

    1. Post a diversity or health equity question to Facebook or Twitter that you'd like to know the answer to.
    2. Post a picture from the conference on Facebook or Twitter.
    3. Anwer someone else's question about diversity or health equity.
    4. Post a helpful resource about cultural competence to Facebook or Twitter.
    5. Post your favorite takeaway from a session you attended - that way people who couldn't be in that session get to see what you learned.
    6. Say something positive about a presenter or other attendee.
    7. After meeting someone in person connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter that way you can remember them after the conference is over.

    If you're newer to Twitter, here's a great resource from the Twitter Help Center to help you get started. In addition, here's a blog about hashtags from DiversityRx team member and Social Media Sponsor for the conference, Brittany Smith of Build Social, LLC.

    To ensure that we are able to maintain a respectful and supportive environment online, please read over this Backchannel Agreement.


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