Opening Plenary Sets the Tone for the Eighth National Conference

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  • Refreshingly strong Opening Plenary Session for the Eighth National Conference on Quality Health Care for Culturally Diverse Populations.  Among others, Dr. Mark Mark Smith, MD, MBA President & Chief Executive Officer, California HealthCare Foundation set a context about how we (the field) can talk about communities of color or those sharing similar ethnicities, gender, etc. - and essentially asked, "Do we ever ask about creating healthcare systems for the red-haired, Irish folks?"  Clearly, no.  

    The point  - that we only talk in the third person plural about communities of color, or otherwise underserved or disenfranchised - was well made.  Nice framing, with a follow up on what happened at the Hopkin's AIDS Clinic when they started asking specific populations what they wanted versus deciding from the outside. The takeaway - simple and elegant - engage those served in the creation of service streams.


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