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  • From conferences to standards development to community language resources, the field of diversity and health is active around the world. Here is a sample:

    Last call for presentation submissions for the Health Promoting Hospital Network conference in Taipei, Taiwan, April 2012. The meeting will feature a track on migrant health, cultural competence and health equity.  You can submit your abstract online before December 15, 2011 and full details about the program are on the conference website.

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    A European Union group is developing a comprehensive framework for measuring and monitoring the capacity of healthcare organizations to improve accessibility to health services, health promotion and preventive care for migrants and ethnic minorities. They aim to provide hospitals and health services with a framework to evaluate their practices and to stimulate development on equitable and effective health care. The draft standards, which are undergoing field testing, are available online.

    You can learn more about the work of the Task Force on Migrant Friendly and Culturally Competent Health Care by visiting their website. Check out this excellent document on Good Practices on Health And Migration in the European Union.

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    A government partnership in Australia has just relaunched the MyLanguage website. The new one-stop portal provides clear links to multilingual search engines, web  directories, government websites, online dictionaries, and syndicated news  headlines. It also contains translations of online government and community  information relating to health, legal issues, settlement, education and public  libraries along with information on multilingual library collections around  Australia. 

    MyLanguage“What we have in MyLanguage is perhaps one of the most valuable tools for living  that newly arrived Australians can get their hands on today. It provides a whole suite of important pieces of information - and in more than 65 languages.   If you've just settled here, if your English is still developing, and if you're looking to find your feet in a rather unfamiliar place, then this is the website for you,” said Mr Hieu Van Le, Lieutenant Governor of South Australia and Chairman of the South Australian Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs Commission.


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