Using peer groups to support behavior change: tell us your stories

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  • On April 28, 2011, DiversityRx will be hosting a webinar, The Power of Peers: How Social Groups Can Drive Behavior Change for Health --  A conversation with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Tina Rosenberg

    Tina will talk about a variety of health innovations featured in her newly released book Join the Club: How Peer Pressure Can Transform the World.  From South Africa to Florida, she explores how the usual approach – simply providing information – usually doesn't work, and how using peer groups can spark and support real behavior change.

    She is also recommending some advance reading to get the conversation going:

    Tina also recommends these four Fixes columns, which she writes for the New York times -- the first two are set in developing countries and the second two in the US:

    and her new book:

    To enrich the webinar experience, DiversityRx will be hosting a pre and post dialogue on the use of peer-based programs in health. We'd like to hear about your own experiences with peer-based programs:  

    • What makes them work or not work?   
    • Do they work best with certain types of patients?   
    • Do peer support programs work if the relationship is only over the internet or by phone? 
    • Are some cultures more receptive than others to such programs (which are often considered by people in mainstream culture as too intrusive)?

    Please use the comment box below to join the discussion:



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