We need your input -- pilot test global standards for culturally competent care!

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  • We are looking for health care organizations that can pilot test a tool to improve the accessibility, utilization and quality of health care for migrants and ethnic minorities. This framework, which is being developed by the WHO-Health Promoting Hospitals Task Force on Migrant Friendly and Culturally Competent Health Care, consists of a set of standards for healthcare organizations and a self-assessment tool to measure performance.

    The goal of the standards is to help health care organizations and health systems assess what they do with respect to addressing health equity and cultural competence issues in their day-to-day operations. Based on the philosophy of continuous quality improvement, the draft standards are being pilot-tested in a number of hospitals and health services around the world until August 2012. 

    Will you participate by reviewing and pilot-testing the draft standards? A review form has been developed, which includes measurable elements that a healthcare organization/system can use to analyze its performance, report good practices, and comment on the soundness of the standard itself.

    Our goal is to gather input and perspectives from different kinds of health care organizations in every region of the world. We not only encourage you to participate in this pilot test, but also to help us identify and encourage other organizations in your region to participate as well. If your organization is not involved in direct-service delivery, you can still help by offering your comments on the standards according to your experience, or you can forward this request to those in your networks who might be able to participate.

    Please let us know if you can help us in this endeavor, or if you have any questions. The draft standards and complete instructions for completing the review form are online at http://www.ausl.re.it/HPH/FrontEnd/Home/Default.aspx?channel_id=38 -- or you can contact me at the email below.

    We look forward to having your input in developing a final product that will help improve the quality of health care for migrants and ethnic minorities wherever they may be.

    Kind regards,

    Julia Puebla Fortier

    Regional Coordinator for the

    WHO-Health Promoting Hospitals Task Force on

    Migrant Friendly and Culturally Competent Health Care -- Pilot Test

    rcchc (at sign) aol (dot) com


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