, Inc., Inc. provides hospitals and healthcare systems with access to ScheduleInterpreter℠ Medical Edition.  ScheduleInterpreter℠  Medical Edition enables hospitals' administration to schedule and manage foreign and American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters using simple and intuitive set of  tools.  Some of the features of ScheduleInterpreter℠ Medical Edition:

  • Cloud-based – no IT support is required; 
  • Established workflow – polished step-by-step procedures are supported by ScheduleInterpreter℠ Medical Edition, minimize time required to train personnel and avoid common errors;  
  • 100% paperless – all documentation and paperwork is stored electronically;
  • Proven industry record – based on technology utilized in healthcare, legal and enterprise environments for more than 10 years;
  • Joint Commission Compliance Framework – ultimate solution for any hospital to be in compliance with new JC standards;
  • Unlimited number of accounts, users and interpreters;
  • Time tracking with export to MS Excel and Kronos applications;
  • Seamless integration with GE/IDX, EPIC, Cerner, Siemens and other Practice Management Systems – allows automatic scheduling by healthcare providers of all interpreters without data re-keying;
  • Automatic e-mail notifications for all parties involved in the process;
  • Meets all HIPAA and EHR/EMR requirements and standards;

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