Cultural Competence Self-Assessment Questionnaire (CCSAQ)

Research and Training Center on Family Support and Children
Mason, James L.
Published Date: 

The CCSAQ is an assessment tool designed for use in child and adolescent mental health systems to help organizations 1) assess their ability to deliver culturally and linguistically appropriate services, 2) identify cross-cultural strengths already present in the organization, and 3) guide leadership towards training interventions to improve cultural competence. There are two versions of the survey, one designed for direct service providers and one designed for administrative staff. Each survey is intended to help leadership develop training and other interventions to make staff more culturally and linguistically competent. The survey takes about half an hour to complete and should be administered to staff throughout the organization. Though the training is designed for child and adolescent mental health systems it has been applied in many other human service disciplines, including general health care.


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